Couple Counseling & -Coaching

“Happiness and peace of mind arise

by being close to a human being

and the wonderful feeling

to be able to develop freely.”

– Gerald Hüther –



Life is Change!

Each age has its own topic – from early childhood, through education, career, starting a family and self-fulfillment to the end of life. In all these periods of life there is on the one hand the great opportunity to grow personally through the partnership and on the other hand the risk of breaking it. In the couple relationship, it is very important to keep checking the balance between personal freedom and the desired degree of connectedness and, if necessary, to adapt it to the changed life situation and changed personal needs.

My Basic Attitude in Couple Counseling & -Coaching

My goal is to open up a wider perspective on the relationship. Through a moderated dialogue I open up a protected framework for constructive, appreciative and trusting communication and above all for the development of very personal solutions by you – the couple itself!



After the non-binding initial interview, I ask the couples to fill out a short questionnaire on the personal and couple history. The time interval between the 60 and 90 minute couple counselings is agreed individually – usually every 14 days. Individual sessions can also be useful in the course of the couple counseling. The duration of a couple counseling is very different – some topics can be solved within a few appointments.


Target Groups

  • Couples from the same or different cultures
  • Couples in the period of family foundation
  • Long-term relationships and marriages in a new life period
  • Separated couples with children
  • Patchwork marriages and partnerships
  • Same-sex couples

Aspects of Intercultural Counseling

Many factors play a role in living together, such as the fact whether one of the partners has immigrated and has to cope with social integration. In addition, religious affiliation, different family traditions, images of gender roles and the level of education – often combined with social status – have a significant impact on the relationship.


The couple counseling offers a protected framework for new experiences that enable individual solutions for the relationship. The existing social models often do not apply to binational partnerships and families. You are faced with the challenge of finding your own way – this is a good prerequisite for developing individual life models.




Good communication is the be-all and end-all of a successful relationship

Participation in the workshop gives you as a couple time and reason to talk to each other. You sharpen your attention for one another, train the art of listening and engage in a change of perspective. And: the moderated couple exercises make a different perspective on the relationship possible. You will learn more about the influence of your own attitude and behavior on the quality of the relationship. Your privacy as a couple, of course, remains protected. The workshop is multilingual, depending on the group composition: German and English.

Current dates, further information and the flyer for download can be found below on the website.




 "If you are looking for the good in others,

you will find the best sides in yourself."

 – Martin Walsh –



Intercultural Couple Counseling:

"With her warm, supportive and ingenious nature, Satu helps people! She listens very carefully and also integrates very practical steps into couple and individual therapy." Finnish couple (both 50 years).



"As a binational couple, you are often faced with special challenges, but unfortunately there are few therapists who specialize in this field and have special skills in it. It was therefore a stroke of luck to find Ms. Massaly, who herself has intercultural experience, as well as provide good psychological counseling.” N.N.

“Your advice has helped me to better understand my own bi-national relationship, to better perceive my “foreign” partner in his needs, but also to analyze my own role in the relationship. Through the conversations I was able to learn to better reflect on my own behavior and feel empowered to master problems better and to have a more balanced relationship.” N.N.


Couple Workshop:

"The workshop was very good because we were able to meet each other on a completely different level as a couple and so we became aware of "new" things and we were able to gain new perspectives on ourselves." German (43 years), Partner from Canada


"A practice-rich seminar that touches the heart and lets the partner appear in a new perspective. I take some impulses with me for everyday life. Thank you!" (June 2019) German (34 years), Partner from Iran.


"Intensive – exciting couple workshop. Surprised how much we could take with us for practical exercises / methods in a short time. Different methods, also from the body work, which I liked very much. New knowledge that brought my view of me and myself my relationship opened their eyes at the moment."  German & Norwegian (both 30 years)


"A great intercultural couple workshop in Cologne. We are very happy to have taken part in this workshop and have partially rediscovered ourselves here and received new valuable ideas for dealing with a relationship. Pleasant workshop manager with a lot of experience and great warmth and empathy." Italian & German (both 40 years)